Deploy iOS dev version from Appflow

Sorry if this is covered but I cannot find it. Could anyone briefly explain how the deploy a dev version binary IPA built on Appflow to their device. I have previously managed this using an online service ( but this no longer seems to work for me

Hi, Thanks for this, there is nothing in the docs (as far as I can tell) about deploying a dev version onto an iOS device.

I’m guessing you’re working with a more complicated scenario, but I’m just getting started with Appflow to build iOS images as a Windows user. I just had a “duh!” moment where I learned you could build the iOS image in Appflow, then just download the .ipa file locally and deploy it using iTunes (from windows anyway). This is much easier than working with TestFlight, but that serves a different purpose…

Thanks for sharing! this is what i was looking for
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