Deleting from Ionic Cache


I’m working on an app that involves capturing images, storing them in a slidebox, and then uploading them to a database. I’ve run into an issue though with deleting these images locally-after the upload. I want to be able to start creating a new slidebox with new images after uploading. I can see that the images are saved locally at the address: "file:///data/data/com.ionicframework.<AppNameFollowedByWeirdNumber>/cache/<FileName>"
I feel like there should be some easy way to just empty the “/cache/” directory yet I’ve struggled to do so thus far. Any advice?
From my research so far it seems like the “removeFile” function described here: is the closest to what I want to do, but calling $cordovaFile has been annoying so I figured I’d see if there was a more simple way to solve this issue.

Any help and advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!