Delete/change scheduled push notification via api

we like to send scheduled push notification via curl from our Drupal 7 server to - this part is already done and we get a response with a unique uuid.

Now assume, an editor, who created the notification content, want to change the scheduled notification or want to delete it - how can we achieve this with the api?

I already tried to send the uuid with the post-request assuming, the already scheduled notification will be changed then, but this wasn’t the case. I also tried to send a DELETE request along with the uuid as data, but this gives me a Method Not Allowed error.

Your dashboard has the possibility, to delete a scheduled notification via a delete-button, exactly that is needed via the api.

Any hints on this?

So for the API, this isn’t really possible at the moment. As the endpoints get built out, this will be, but for now, it’s not accessible.

Has this feature been added yet? I’m still getting a MethodNotAllowed error when trying to delete a scheduled notification