Define Age based on date range

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i got a question about date range

example : a kid is born 15th of February year 2009 Time 6am, 15/2/2009, if calculate as at today (17/1/2022), his age is still consider 12, and will be only consider age 13 after 15/2/2022 6am,

how can i make it into a calculation ?


consider using date-fns

Lot’s of complexities you don’t want to figure out yourself if it comes to dealing with dates.

hello Tommertom, happy new year 2022

thank you i will take a look


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If you’re planning on releasing this app to a broad audience, beware that different cultures have different methods of calculating age. I would take special care to wall this calculation completely off into a single place, so that it can be modified according to locale or user preference without requiring major refactoring of the app.

Yes Sir! noted of age calculation! :bowing_man: