Defer cordovaPush registration prompt


Hi there.

When I want to use cordovaPush in my app, as soon as the service is injected into the app, the system prompts the user “Do you want X App to send you push notifications”.

I’d love to be able to defer this prompt until I want it to show. For example, I have push service for my app but I would like to display a dialog explaining what types of push notifications the user could expect and asking “Yes, send me push” or “No, don’t send me” and the dialog closes. But if Yes is pressed, then I init the cordovaPush service and then the system prompt in iOS will ask if the user wants to receive Push notifications.

Any ideas? Should I move all my push logic into two separate services as to only inject the cordovaPush in the service when I want to activate push?


I seem to be mistaken. More testing and I determined that the prompt doesn’t show until I call the Register function.