Defaulttimeout value too low for transitions?

I am wondering why the value of defaulttimeout is set to a low value at
it causes the animation to cancel and jump directly to the end, which looks rather choppy. Is there any reason why the variable is not set to a higher value? I have set it manually to 5000 and animations looks smooth for me now.

that is because nobody willl and want to wait that long.

An animation should never take longer than 0,3-0.5 seconds. everything above is a mess. So i think it is better to optimize your views (to speed up transitions) instead of letting the users wait longer than 1 second.

Use view events like afterEnter, beforeLeave to hide complex dom structures and render things like lists after the view transition has finished.

alright, thanks! understood, but I dont think thats consistent thinking:
the advice is to optimize views to minimize transition time, but
if people do have transition time that is too high, due to suboptimal code, then ionic will just cut the animation short and jump to the end, thereby masking the real issue at hand?