Default radio-group not working

Greeting of the day, Have check other solution yet none works.

Why can’t the ion-radio button be default selected?

                <ion-list radio-group [(ngModel)]="allItem.qty" no-lines>

                        <ion-radio value="1" checked="true"></ion-radio>

                        <ion-radio value="2"></ion-radio>



Thank you in advance.

it can

  <ion-list radio-group>


        <ion-radio checked="true"></ion-radio>


works for me

I tried on android device same it is not working weird.

maybe, for some reason, [checked]="true" will work

not sure if it’s because ngModel made an impact to it?

I wouldn’t think so, but, it’s strange that it’s not working so a strange explanation fits

but in my case its not working

try <ion-radio checked></ion-radio>

This is precisely it. Exactly as with <ion-select>, if you bind a model to the parent component, it trumps all attributes set on the children. Assign to allItem.qty and you will see it reflected in the radio group selection. The checked attribute only comes into play if there is no bound model on the radio group.

Good to know. Thanks.