Deeplink router breaks navigation flux

My App.ts have a side menu. Each item on the menu leads to an this.rootPage = SomePage action wich changes the content area by showing a different view.

But, when I use the deeplink router it opens a page with an back arrow at navbar. I don’t want the page being opened this way. I just want to use this.rootPage = SomePage since this way I don’t have back button at navbar;


  ngAfterViewInit() {
      this.platform.ready().then(() => {
          Deeplinks.routeWithNavController(this.nav, {
              '/login/:key1/:key2': LoginPage
          }).subscribe((match) => {
              console.log('Successfully routed', match);
          }, (nomatch) => {
              console.warn('Unmatched Route', JSON.stringify(nomatch, null, 4));


      private platform: Platform,
      private nav: NavController, 
      private params: NavParams, 
      private sharedService: SharedService) { 

      this.key1 = params.get('key1');
      this.key2 = params.get('key2');

How could I handle the deeplink so that it don’t push a new page on the stack and don’t shows the backbutton instead of menu button?