Debug in-app purchase in google play beta

I am trying to test the in-app purchase feature for my ionic app. i have already set up the product and have published my app in closed beta in google play. now, the in-app purchase testing for google seems to be working as I am getting a pop up message in my app and also receiving a confirmation email. however, my app was supposed to call my AWS API but i am not getting any indication that the API is being called. I wanted to debug my code but when I use chrome://inspect, I don’t see the app being available for debug. I can’t use ionic run android because google play does not allow in-app purchase if I use this command.

Does anyone have an idea on how I can debug my app? Thanks in advance.

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Did you find a solution to this? I’m faced with the same issue at the moment: In-app purchases don’t work when building locally, yet debug logging has be turned off in order to upload to Google Play…

No. I don’t think it’s possible to debug it if it’s already published.