Datetime display as wheel and not calendar

I am using Ionic v 6.18.1. When I look at the documentation I see a nice big calendar. However, when I implement it, I only see a calendar wheel. I want it to look like this:


However, I only see this:


Here is the code I use:

<ion-datetime displayFormat="DD MMMM YYYY" placeholder="Select Date"></ion-datetime>

v6.18.1 doesn’t exist. The current version of Ionic 6 is 6.0.0. Are you sure you are on 6?


Actually, that is the CLI.

My framework version is @ionic/angular 5.9.1. I am going to upgrade my core version and see if that fix the problem.

You need to be on @ionic/angular 6.0.0. Here is the upgrade guide - Upgrading to Ionic 6 | Ionic Documentation.

Upgrading my Ionic core made the difference. I did not realise that “ionic --version” or “ionic -v” was for the CLI and not the framework. For anyone else reading this, run “Ionic info” instead. Then you get the framework version.

I now get the calendar that I wanted.

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