Datetime change height and color

Hey guys,

I have a problem with the datetime-component.
Tried to solve it with Google and this Forums Topics, but I have absolutly no clue, why this is not working.
I want to run an Ionic-Webapp on a RaspberryPi with a screen-res of “320x240” and i need the
The default height, is just 5px too high and it would be nice to change the background color and also the text color.
I am pretty new to ionic and scss/css.

So this is inside my home.html

<ion-content class="no-scroll"  text-center="" style="background: #1B1B1B">
  <h1 ion-text class="timeText" color="nxtaFont" (click)="setTime()" id="timelabel">{{timeLabel}}</h1>
  <ion-datetime class="foobar" #dateTime displayFormat="mm/ss" [(ngModel)]="myDate" (ionChange)="changedTime()"></ion-datetime>
  <button class="button" ion-button (click)="startStopAction()">{{buttonText}}</button>

I tried to create a class named “.foobar” in my home.scss with height, max-height and so on.
Nothing worked :frowning:

I also tried to overwrite the sass-variable in my variables.scss and again it didnt work.

Are u able to help a newb pls?
Thanks :slight_smile: