Datepicker for Android <4.4

I am looking for an ionic datepicker for android < 4.4 (kitkat).
Is there any solution?


Ionic does not provide any date pickers for any platform or version. It defers to the OS and HTML5.

I really think Ionic should have a date/time picker. The OS date picker sucks in both Android and iOS. There are no good date pickers for mobile apps that aren’t based on jQuery.

The only angular date picker that I know of is from the Angular-UI guys, but its based off of bootstrap…

I found this one too, but its doesn’t seem as polished. Could be a good starting point to develop your own if you’re up for it.

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This one looks good.

I’m gonna try to rewrite it as a directive

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It does use jquery so it would be great if it could be rewritted without it.

This one is awesome!

Edit: I decided to port it to Angular. see here: Angular-DatePicker - pickadate.js port to Angular, no jQuery dependency!

Ngcordova $cordovaDatePicker