Date, Time, DateTime Input Types

I’m trying to use the HTML input types of date, time and/or datetime-local. In Chrome on the desktop, they look all funky and don’t really work. In the iOS emulator, they appear as big grey select lists, but they do activate the native pickers and set values. I’m wondering what others have done for these, or what’s recommended for date, time and datetime pickers in Ionic 2.

It seems like using the native pickers would be the best solution, but they don’t really look good at all.

As far as I know they haven’t been natively implemented on ionic2 yet. There is an issue open for it

How are you using? Some external plugin?

Thanks for pointing me to that. Looks like it’s on their radar. I was just trying to use the HTML attributes, but I may have to opt for an external plugin for now. Or, I might just try to use CSS to make the HTML 5 date and time elements look better for now.