Date Pipe library

I recently published my first library to npm. It’s a set of date pipes that I built for Ionic applications after @rapropos reported on these forums that the standard Angular date pipe didn’t render well on some Apple phones. I wanted to learn more about npm, so I read this tutorial (and others) about publishing to the npm registry and here we are.

There’s a date pipe, a time-ago pipe, max date in an array, min date in an array, and distance in words between dates. The pipes are built from functions in the date-fns project. English only right now, but I plan to add support for other languages in a day or two. EDIT: other locales now supported.

As I said, this is my first attempt to publish to the npm registry, so if you try out the library, please let me know your experience, good or bad. Still learning here. Thanks.

npm registry:


Great job!
Congratulations!! :clap:

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Haven’t been able to use it yet, but I will say that your documentation is well-written and makes sense. Well done on that in itself.

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Non-English locales now supported.

Had an opportunity to use the simple

{{dateExpression | date}}

function last night. Looking forward to using more.