Database of ionic

which database is perfect to use the ionic

i prefer cordovaSQLite

i m developening an app like to retrive phone contacts to my app now i want to insert those contacts into database by checked functionality so plzz help me how to insert those checked contacts into db
hear is my code
example.controller(“ContactCtrl”, function($scope,$cordovaSQLite){


   var query="INSERT INTO contact(displayName,phoneNumbers) VALUES (?,?)";

alert($scope.status=“contacts sucess”);
console.log("insertId: " + res.insertId);

alert($scope.status="contact login :" +err.message);

$scope.selected =[];
$cordovaSQLite.execute(db,‘SELECT displayName,phoneNumbers FROM contact’)
for(var i=0;i<res.rows.length;i++){
$scope.status=“conacts displayed”;
$scope.status=“error for contacts :” +err.message;



i use PouchDB