D3 maps in Ionic

Hello all

I’m new to ionic and making an app where I’ll need to be able to display points on a map, as well as make graphs of these points against other data.
I’ve found the D3 library that looks perfect for what I need to achieve, but am struggling to get it working in ionic.
I’ve downloaded the js file, included it in the index head, but now can’t get it to appear in any of my app pages.


I was previously trying to replicate the code for a stereographic map from here. It was giving all sorts of errors that were simply fixed by changing a few of the property names, since they've been changed in recent updates and the documentation hasn't yet been changed to reflect that (e.g. d3.geo.stereographic() is now d3.geoStereographic()). I now have the code running without throwing any errors, but the map doesn't show up at all.

All help very appreciated. Thanks!