Cypress button click not working

I can’t seem to click the “CREATE ACCOUNT” ion-button as it is covered. It either generates the error below or if I use {force: true} it passes but does nothing. If I click manually on the screen it works fine. I have searched all the posts on this but nothing seems to work.

I have tried using the following:

   cy.get('button[type="submit"]').click({force: true});
   cy.get('#btn-register-submit', {includeShadowDom: true}).trigger("click", {force: true});
   cy.get('#btn-register-submit').trigger('mouseover', {force: true}).click({force: true});
   cy.get('#btn-register-submit', {includeShadowDom: true}).click({force: true});
   cy.get('#btn-back').click({force: true});

The rendered HTML: