Customize header | where to start?

Just basic thing as customizing header (adding logo for instance)

I cannot find where to go to actually add a logo in the an template (or anywhere else?). I have been to this page : App Logo In Header and this page : but they do not actually stipulate which working file should modification be made on?

(sorry very new…) and thanks for help

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may be this is that you want

There are a few different ways to modify a header. Which file should be modified depends on your structure, and which pages you would like the header to be on.

Here is a codepen example of putting a logo in an ion-header-bar and an ion-nav-title:

Those headers will show the logo on every page.

that really helped.
So (using the ionic sidemenu template) change have been done in menu.html…and works as expected, cheers

just search the documentation )))

yeah I know, first day on ionic and angular and very little knowledge of JS… steep curve )))