Customize header in ion-nav-view

I have a standard nav view with a detail template like this:

<body ng-app="myapp">

Detail View:

<ion-view view-title="Product Detail">
        <ion-content ng-controller="ProductDetailCtrl">
        <p>ID: {{}}</p>
        <p>Description: {{product.desc}}</p>

How can I now customize the header of the detail view (adding Text, Icons etc) without loosing the back button?
I tried it with


and then creating a new header but then the back button is goneā€¦

Look at the docs for ion-nav-title and ion-nav-buttons.

These elements go in your <ion-view> and will change the title/buttons respectively. <ion-title> is a replacement for the view-title="..." attribute on <ion-view> Make sure these are the first things inside <ion-view, do not put them inside <ion-content>

With a little CSS you can put other things in the ion-nav-buttons.