Custom TabBarButtons with styled-components (problem)

Hey Ionic team, thanks for an amazing project love using it.

I am working on a mobile app with IonicReact and I hit an issue that I cannot wrap TabBarButton components with styled-components (for example) or make my own button and push into the TabBar because of this still if (I assume it’s where it’s happening) in the source code. ionic-framework/IonTabBar.tsx at 630848ae5ccd4aea98c6bb36def0d424ccce1318 · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub

Am I missing something that makes it possible to use my own component? Let’s call it StyledTabBarButton?

And if not, what is the reasoning behind this approach, quite curious if there is a reason behind it as well.

Thanks for your time

Bumping this in hope someone knows :smiley: