Custom pipe returns no results

Hi there,

I have an array of orders, that look like that:

    { "orderNumber": 1, "products": [ { "id": 0}, { "id": 5} ] },
    { "orderNumber": 2, "products": [ { "id": 5}, { "id": 6} ] }

And then I’m trying to show only those orders, that contain the particular product id:

<div *ngFor="let order of orders |">
    <p>{{ order.orderNumber}}</p>

orderContainsSelectedProduct:product pipe looks like that:

export class OrderContainsSelectedProductPipe implements PipeTransform {
  	transform(values: any, id: number): any {
        if(values) {
            return values.filter(value => === id);
            console.log('no orders containing selected product');

And it returns nothing at all, so no orders are showing even if I replace the “” with “orderContainsSelectedProduct:5”

Please, let me know what I’m doingwrong here.


products is an array and not an object, and so won’t have id on itself.

So you’d want to do something like:

return values.filter(value => value.products.findIndex(product => === id) > -1);

On a more general note though, I’d recommend moving this into your controller as doing something like this via a pipe can be rather un-performant.

I’d also suggest adding types, as it can help catch errors like this ;).

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Hmm, I though that separating pipes from the component is actually a logical thing to do… Is it not? When is it the best to put it in the pipe and when it’s not?

Thanks a lot!