Custom Modal Transition?

I noticed in the Config that you can set your Modal Transition via modalEnter and modalLeave with ‘modal-slide-in’, ‘modal-slide-out’.

However I want a fade-in, fade-out transition. How do I go about creating them and setting them on the Config or ModalController?



Is there any documentation about the available transitions? In the docs it only says: “The name of the transition to use …”. Where can I look up these names?

You can get them from here:

But of course that’s not very user friendly :smiley:

Also important to note, that you can’t use ‘ios-transition’ (which is a PageTransition) with a Modal. :unamused:

hey jbecker didnt see anything there regarding setting size and perhaps positions of different modals in the same app. Could you point me in the right direction

+1, anybody can help?

Yes, I want exact this same feature.

Any progress?

Can you help us @mhartington?

How can i in ionic 3?

showModal() {
var modal = this.modalCtrl.create(FiltrosPage);