Custom map marker displays on browser but not on device


This is my first participation here, so, hope I do the right way.

I need to write down the map-marker his own code (from database). I just found a library named “MarkerWithLabel.js” and adjusted to my code, ran perfect… Till I test on my device. I get their data every 10 seconds to update the location, make them drop on the map and it works very good, just the way I wanted, but when I do the ionic run android the map loads but the markers doesn’t.

Attention: When I replace the current code:
var marker = new **MarkerWithLabel**({ map: map,

var marker = new **google.maps.Marker**({ map: map,

it works well, but without the label I wanted.

Attention 2: Using ionic run android -l -c works the way I want, the markers have their label. But ionic run android nope.

**Attention 3: ** Here’s the library link so you may understand what it does