Custom ionicons generated with script, not working

I generated a custom icon with the python script of ionicons repo, it seems worked because i see on console.

New Icon:

  • christmas-tree
  • 0xf13b
    Save Manifest, Icons: 735
    Save Build, Icons: 735
    Generate SCSS
    Generate CSS From SCSS
    Generate Minified CSS From SCSS
    Generate LESS
    Generate Cheatsheet
    Generate component.json
    Generate composer.json
    Generate bower.json

also in the cheatsheet.html I can see my icon, like the others, i copied the files from/to:
ionicons\css -> /www/lib/ionic/css/
ionicons\fonts -> /www/lib/ionic/fonts/
ionicons\scss -> /www/lib/ionic/scss/ionicons/

but when serving the app it display nothing, only a blank space, what else i need to do, to be able to see it?