Custom icon in ion-nav not animating with page transitions

I have the following code for my ion-navbar, and I’m using an icon for a custom back button, to Pop the page from the stack, as seen below. When I both load this page and pop it, this icon doesn’t animate with the proper page transition, (iOS case horizontally). Any ideas what to do?

 <ion-navbar hideBackButton>
    <button ion-button clear navPop><ion-icon class="back-arrow-class" name="fishtank-back-arrow" item-left></ion-icon></button>
    <ion-title>Pickup location</ion-title>

Can you post a gif of whats happening?

I’d need to make a video of this. Will try a bit later. But now will explain in word.

When I move from one page to another via push() and pop(), on iOS each page slides in/out horizontally, except for the custom “back” icon above. It just appears and disappear from it’s place in the top right corner. So functionally it’s ok, but in terms of UI pretty ugly…