Custom Directive now working on second page

Hello, was wondering if anyone can help me out, I’m a little new to angular and ionic 3 so forgive me.

I’ve built a custom directive following Josh Morony’s parallax directive tutorial. On ionic 3 I’m lazy loading my pages and directives.modules

I got the parallax directive working on page one but I would like to use it on other pages as well.

I’ve imported the directives.modules to all the pages that I want to use the parallax directive, but when i push to page 2 that also uses the parallax directive…the directive doesn’t work. It’s only working on page one.

There are no errors I was able to console log the scroll event on page 2, it’s just on page 2 the animation styles aren’t running.

Any ideas? much appreciated


I used his tutorial too, but he told me by email that you need to follow the steps for each page, i.e you need a directive for each page.