Custom component at bottom of app

Peeking into the source code of the Ionic Content component, it seems the resize method is hardcoded to look for ION-CONTENT > ION-HEADER, ION-CONTENT > ION-FOOTER and ION-TABS.

I have a custom component that conditionally appears at the bottom of the app in a global fashion, pulling data from a provider. Is there no way at all to make the Content component respect the height of my “global footer” when performing its resize()?

Adding my custom component to the bottom of <ion-footer> on every page seems to be how it would be done, however, then each page would also have to pass data to the component, making for a lot of redundant code. Alternatively the component could handle data subscriptions directly, but with potentially many pages in the navigation stacks, the component would be updating every instance of itself (unless I passed ionViewWillEnter/ionViewDidLeave through on every page).

Getting my component up to my App component feels more right. Is there any way to make it happen?

Maybe the Ionic Content component should also check for .outer-top, .outer-bottom elements when it calculates the top and bottom margin.