Custom color for user mobile apps

hi all, i am early for develop mobile apps.

and i use ionic for my project. so, certainly we as developers will include the default view (eg color of chart pie).

i think about if the user wants to change the color of chart. what could it happen?
i mean, is there a way to custom color in framework ionic ?
Thanks in advance,

What do you mean by custom?
If you mean that customers can choose their own preferred colors, than you should provide a pallete for them to pick?
Or that you offer several themes that contains different color packages?

Both can be done in divs by using

<div ng-style={backgroundColor:customcolor}></div>

Or if you are creating charts using d3, just update it in your javascript.

Hope this helps.

thanks for reply, i mean that customers can choose their own preferred collors… but i keep include the default collors.