Custom buttons view inside ion-card

I want to display two buttons inside ion-card on the end of item.
I want my interface to be like the above:

I try to do that and I get this as a result:

this is my view:

<ion-list no-lines *ngFor=" let list of Lists; let i = index">

        <ion-row [style.background-color]="getStyle(i, prelevement.lock,1,prelevement.strategeCode)">
                {{}} - 
          <ion-col  col-3>
                <button width="10%" ion-button color="secondary" (click)="launchPrelevement( prelevement.type)">
                  <div  [hidden]="list .modify!=1">
                  <div   [hidden]="list .modify==1">

the css:

  .button-md {
    height: 6.6rem!important;

I have another probelm. When i change the size of the screen I got different view from the buttons.

How I can resolve that

Please refer

I hope this will help you

Thank you for your reply
I want the same view but without sliding