Css bug: background-size cover value not working


I am using today’s bleeding edge just from master release of ionic.
I noticed that my background image resizes incorrectly.

I have two ion-views both with a css class that sets the following:

background: url("img/voetbalveld.png") no-repeat center center fixed;
-webkit-background-size: cover!important;
background-size: cover!important;

When I open the app and see the first view, the background looks good.
However, when I navigate to the second view

<ion-nav-view name="content" class="view-container" nav-view-transition="ios" nav-view-direction="forward">

the background-size cover doesn’t work and instead I see only a part of the image as if zoomed in (the image is too large to show in the screen)

Keep up the good work!

added this to the issue tracker on github