Css animation is looping icon problem


looping icon is using my app it play button is click looping icon travel through out the page.
how to stop that animation. looping icon rotate at fixed position help me

Please help test: Angular 1.3, improved transitions, cached views (repost)

Hey there. So plunkr wasn’t working for me for some reason, any chance you could throw this into a codepen?



So ng-show/hide has some animations hooks that you can use, which could cause some issues like you were seeing.

But ng-if could be used instead with out any issues.


thanq mhartington but delay 2 to 3 seconds hide and show while icon looping to ion-chevron-down. debug in emulator it takes some time hide and show.we can check once in emulator also
sorry for my bad english


How does this work? I simplified the whole thing.


thanks alot mhartington