CSP problem in ionic

I am calling a post service. I have upgraded to latest cordova, I am not able to post the data, as it is giving 404 on browser firefox, safari, and chrome. If i use proxy(zen) on chrome, everything works.

It also do not work on android simulator.

I have added csp tag and allowed access.

its giving me “Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at”

Any one some tips please?

there are whole set of changes, which i did to make my old app working.

  1. Content Security Policy:

you need to set ng-csp in body tag, csp meta tag and cordova plugin for whitelist. This is because we want to call service or some external image or resource.

  1. jdk and gradle issues

I got to change build.gradle in android platform gradle version compatible to 2.10-all.zip. I downloaded the zip and save it in the distributionURL.

I updates ionic CLI, gradle, jdk to 8 to final build the ionic.

I hope this helps to some one.