CRUD - good tutorial

Hey guys,

i just want the build an app with CRUD operations and database-connection (mysql).
But I’m really new with ionic and angular, so I search for an good and working tutorial for that.

Do you got any good example and tutorials?

What kind of backend do you plan?

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I don’t really know what kinds are possible.
The easiest one :slight_smile: Symfony is a little to much.

You should at least decide what backend technology: PHP, Node, Java, …

Ah, this is the question.

This link will works well as a stating point :


This is better because use the resource service instead of http:

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Ah okay, thanks! My problem is, i don’t know how i receive data with an URL like:

I had always data requestet via a php file like:

How do i get data via such an URL like the first one?

Try this to get data from Server Json WebService. $http.get(url)

var req = {method: ‘GET’, url: ‘http://www.whatever.php’, headers: {‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json; charset=utf-8’}, dataType: “json”};

      $http(req).success(function(data) {          


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I know how to get Json from a server via http.get, but in the tutorial $resource is used and not http.get.

Hope this w’ll help your .$resource

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Try to play with angularjs consuming some json url examples :

@Driesel were you able to get your answer on how to get a CRUD app using ionic, angularjs with mysql? I am on the same boat. I am looking for a simple tutorial, using the above scripting that will get me soem knowledge of building an app that will be data driven.

Now on a second related question, I have found some site and example that has angualrjs and mysql example. How do I integrate this with ionic? I am new to this site so please get me details.
Also are there any GUI tool that I can use which is free or almost free? Don’t point me to something that asks for a monthly fees yet.
Thanks and waiting for your valuable reply.

I now use the free server from the BAAS-provider called Backand (

There is all working i need: CRUD, social login, NoSQL Database (also MySQL).

@Driesel - Great to hear that. Will you please point me to a good example of this Backand that I can use it for getting CRUD app using php/mysql/ionic etc?
My goal is to use it for Wordpress using rest-api.
Thanks a lot!

if you want to use backhand as your provider/server hoster, you can use the blog or the starter app from ionic market:

But if you just want a standard tutorial, i could help you because i had never tested it without backand.

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Hi I will be happy to learn this CRUD. So yes count me in. Question , is this backand free or do I need to subscribe? How does it compare to my local or remote mysql? Do I need to move my database there?
Please explain. Thanks

hai sir … You know Ng-Admin. I planed that same kind of functionalities ng-admin with some addtional funtionalites to create a IONIC application…how i should start?
what is the backend is good?

Where can i find a sample ionic project that uses MVC With WEB API ?