Crosswalk - when do we need it?


Hello all, I am using crosswalk with ionic for the android port. The reason I used it is because the only android phone I have - samsung galaxy s2 running Android 4.4 had horrible webui performance. After switching to crosswalk, the performance is great.

However, my release apk size is 25MB.

Given that crosswalk basically bundles chrome in the app, would it be correct to assume for more modern phones will already have chrome and the webUI will be chrome in the app?
So does it make sense to bundle my app with crosswalk? Which version of Android already includes chrome for the web view?



You’ll still have to bundle your app with crosswalk as far as I know. However, there are two different builds in one if I read the pages about cross walk correctly. Each build of crosswalk is for a different phone architecture. Do some research on the size of that on the forums and I’m sure you’ll find an article or more about it. Essentially you would just find how to have it build out the two separate architectures so that they would be roughly half the size.

I don’t know too much about it more than that. But if you’re looking for performance, you’ve gotta use crosswalk.


Thank you @NorthMcCormick – I completely forgot the point that many Android phones have an x86 architecture. I would have only uploaded the arm version! I’ll research the size tips as well.