Crosswalk - exitApp()

I have problem with the function exitApp in Cordova/Ionic.
If a disable crosswalk works fine, but if i enable crosswalk nothing happens


I have the exact same problem. I’ve tried:

  • ionic.platform.exitApp();

But it doesn’t work. I’m using crosswalk@
In the pinned Crosswalk topic, someone already stated this issue:
Crosswalk Integration Beta in Ionic CLI (v1.3.2)

So there are something thats still need to get worked out on the cordova side of crosswalk.
Right now we’re using an upstream version of cordova-android, so somethings may still break here and there.
There’s also a few plugins that will need to be update such as the admob plugin (which has been noted).
So plugin authors will need to do that in time.

Thanks @mhartington, I am aware of the use of the unreleased version of cordova-android 4.0, but didn’t realize this could also be a consequence.
Thanks for all your help and keep up with the awesome work!

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i have same problem like you and i solve that by this code for exit app :smile:


Hope this help for you.



works perfect

Works fine thank you, i’m gonna link this to another topic open with the same issue

Actually now that i’m using this workaround, a lot of time when i resume the app it crash. Anyone experiencing the same?

it works well in my app ! Thank you


The window.close() do the trick on Android, but under iOS I can’t exit the application.
And the object $ionicPlatform doesn’t have any function exitApp().

I’m under Crosswalk 14.43.343.17 / Ionic 1.6.1 / Cordova 5.1.1

Any help will be really appreciated :slight_smile:


You can’t exit an IOS App, Apple do not allow apps to exit programmatically

See this thread :