Crosswalk build breaks the app pressing back button in modal view

I am testing the ap in android device.

if anybody has the same issue as mine ? i am building an app and it works fine in the browser. but after building it with crosswalk if i press back button while i am in the modal view the app hangs. my controller is fetching from an REST api.

in browser there is no problem what so ever. in the app as well if i close the modal with close button everything is fine. But as soon as i press back button in modal view it some times gets hanged in the same view and some times in the controller default view.

so someone also having the same problem ??
and can someine check if this is a bug ?

I am getting the same issue. In a modal if I press the hardware back button, modal does not closes and, eventually, the app freezes. I still did not solve this, though.