Cross origin issue on live reload

I am trying to use --livereload but i am getting error of cross origin. Working fine when i don’t use --livereload

400 (Bad Request) polyfills.js:2
XMLHttpRequest.n.responseBlob.r.function.o.(anonymous function).P.(anonymous function).(anonymous function)

Livereload changes the context of your app. Without it was a local file inside the app, with livereload it is loaded from a remote server.

Take care of whatever the actual error message tells you to do.

i am getting 400 bad request on live reload but not when i don’t use the live reload so is there any way to solve this?

I am using oauth 1.0

Look more at the request. Is it a POST, GET, OPTIONS request? Why are you getting a error?

It’s a GET request. What can be the issue if i am getting error on live reload only. Is it because of proxy or something?

Look at what the actual request is in the browser’s dev tools. It might very well be that livereload is triggering CORS and sending an OPTIONS call first.

Hi Sujan,

This is what i am getting in live reload…

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