Creating an Ionic AI Chatbot with API.AI

Artificial Intelligence is ramping up!
Learning AI programming from zero can take some time, however, some services like API.AI allow us to profit from it with little AI knowledge.
In this tutorial, we are going to use this AI platform to create an Ionic Chatbot application.


What are the reasons for having to install the” Dialogflow Cordova plugin”?
Why is the plugin necessary?
Or is it helpful, but not necessary?

Supposing I used Microsoft’s QnA Maker ( to build a chatbot service, would the QnA Maker also require a Cordova plugin to work inside of ionic?

By experience I generally prefer to install the plugin closest to the platform.
If it’s a big project (like DialogFlow), the team that translate it from pure JS to Ionic (for example) create better documentations and features that the platform requires. For example, the Ionic Native File plugin is way easier to use than the Cordova one.
On the other side, the vanilla JavaScript plugin generally has more features because the Cordova and Ionic teams need some time to transpose them to their technology.

I had adapted lessons from link which you had specified.
Installed plugin also.
But i had error in
ApiAiPromises is not defined.

I had tried also windows variable but it is also not works for me.
Please any suggestions or can give your example project on git link.

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi ,
I modified the code , inorder to connect with the dialogflow . there is a query section in dialogflow , . By using this i made one , . This may help you .


I created a Chatbot in an app Android with Ionic 3 using this example, but I have two questions:
Who can I print que questions too? They print, but in sequence (question1,question2,…).
It is valid after March 31, 2020, when DialogFlow V1 is deprecated?



The second link give me a 404. can you see that?