Creating a popup form that appears only once

Hi all,

I am looking for advice on what is the best code or way to create a POP-UP FORM that requires users to fill up the details ONLY ONCE after installing the application.

Basically, after users install the application from play/app store, a pop-up form will pop out and they MUST fill in the details in the form and will only be able to use the app after clicking the submit button ONLY ONCE.

Something like a login page which only comes out once, but I do not need my users to register an account however I need them to fill in a form in order to proceed.

Any suggestions?

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

How about using some sort of storage - Ionic Storage? In that case, you would save some property which would tell if user has submitted the form before. If the user deletes an app, data from storage will be deleted automatically.

If you’re using this word the way that it’s typically used in RFCs and protocol or language specifications, what you ask for is categorically impossible in an Ionic app. A sufficiently motivated user with a copy of your app binary can use any feature of the app; access any page.

The only way you can enforce a restriction like this would be to require authentication with a server under your control, but if you’re saying:

…then there’s no way you can enforce MUST. As @maid says here (or I did in your other thread about this exact same topic), you can use Ionic Storage to do “would like to”, but not MUST.