Create Modal on App Launch and Hide not Dismiss/Close

I have a music app that uses a modal to display the song currently playing. For a music video it displays an iframe (youtube) and some player controls (play/pause, mute/unmute, progress bar).

In Ionic v1, this modal view was created on app launch which meant that if I played a music video the iframe would be constructed and would play in the background until I would open the modal to see the iframe. Also in Ionic v1 I would be able to hide the modal and the iframe would still be valid and keep playing.

I am noticing in Ionic v2 that the modal view is not created until I call present() and when I call dismiss() it is destroyed, which means I can’t play the video in the background before the modal is opened or after it is closed.

Is there any way to achieve this in Ionic v2? I would appreciate any help…thanks!

bumping this - it’s the last remaining item for my app! Thanks…