Create ionic elements from javascript

Hello guys, i’m trying to figure out how to create in the smartest way ionic card dynamically from javascript.
At the moment i’m doing with these bunch of rows:

let card = document.createElement("ion-card");
let cardContent = document.createElement("ion-card-content");
let cardTitle = document.createElement("ion-card-title");
let row = document.createElement('ion-row');
let ionButton = document.createElement('ion-button');
let icon = document.createElement('ion-icon');
icon.slot = 'icon-only'; = 'expand-outline';
ionButton.color = 'light';

I supposed there is a faster way like:

let card = new IonCard({
// options to complete the card like ion-card-header, ion-card-content and stuff like that

But i’m wrong.
Any tips?

Thx guys

My tip would be to pick a framework like Angular or React and learn it. They’re designed to facilitate tasks like this.

I know this, sadly i can’t choose the framework.