Create folder with ionic

i don’t know if it’s possible but can i create an installation folder while my app is being installed on mobile ?
can i create a folder or a file in mobile with ionic ?

extra informations :
Ionic Framework: 3.6.0
Ionic App Scripts: 2.1.3
Angular Core: 4.1.3
Angular Compiler CLI: 4.1.3
Node: 6.11.1

you can use file plugin

thanks for ur reply but i’m new with ionic and i did not found any exemples, do you have one ?

window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL(cordova.file.dataDirectory, function(dir) {
  dir.getDirectory("galerie", {create: true});

Using cordova-file-plugin

(kocei) this is not working :confused:

Sorry for the newby question:

in wath file I put this code?