Create a service in ionic


I am creating a service in ionic using

    angular.factory('abc', function($http) { 
	return { 
		abcDEF: function() {
		return $http.get("http://localhost:8001/abc");
   } });

and my controller is

app.controller('abc',function($scope,$http) {
         $scope.counter = 0;
         $scope.count = function (inc) {
         $scope.counter += inc;

and my node.js code is

app.get('/abc', function(req,res){

where i am going wrong ???
and i am unable to get the localhost:3000/abc


Just Change the service and controller Name


rest the code is correct or not


I dont quite understand what your are trying to do but, the one thing I can see is that if your server is running on port 3000 you should do return $http.get("http://localhost:3000/abc"); and no 8001. See if that helps.