Create a Ionic Capacitor from .aar SDK

Hi all,
In my company we need to develop an app with the ionic framework that works with the Honeywell printer SDK (Sign On).
The SDK is available both for Android, in .aar format, and for iOS, in folder format, but there is currently no capacitor for the same.
Since there is nothing in the official documentation to generate a capacitor starting from an .aar file, we tried to follow a guide from Stack Overflow (ionic framework - How to embed an Android library (AAR file) into a capacitor plugin? - Stack Overflow aar-file-into-a-capacitor-plugin/59392621#59392621) but on the new Android Studio it is not possible to follow those steps, and on the old one gradle doesn’t work correctly.
Furthermore, on the new Android Studio there is no way to import an .aar, although it is reported in the official guide (Creare una raccolta Android  |  Android Studio  |  Android Developers).
How can you generate the capacitor starting from an .aar? Alternatively, what is the official way to use them in the project?
Thank you.

The official way would be to create a custom capacitor plugin that utilizes the honeywell SDK.

Hi Hills90210,
Could you link me an official guide for create a custom capacitor starting from an .aar file?
Thank you.

Heres a good start and make sure to READ ALL: Creating Capacitor Plugins | Capacitor Documentation