Countdown/Timer App

Hello Community,

Im new to ionic and angular js,
but i have a app in mind which i wanna build
It should be a Timer/Countdown app, where you choose the time yourself,
i searched many times on google, but i dont know how to do it :confused:
So i thought of making a topic here, maybe you guys can help me :smiley:
(sorry if my english is not the best, hopefully you can understand everything xD)

Kind Regards,

Use to get the UTC timestamp in milliseconds, calculate difference between current timestamp and the tiemstamp you are counting towards or away from.

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and what do i have to write that it will popup after the timer is finished?

I would assume an if statement.

Unless you’re talking about having the app and the timer running in the background and pop up when it is done… that one you’ll need to do some research on. Not sure off the top of my head how you would accomplish that.

Lol, you are the one with 200+ Ionic Framework Resources :o Thank you :smiley:

EDIT: Can i send you the code if it dont works?

Uh oh. I’ve been spotted! Time to retreat to the McGivery cave. :wink:

I would suggest if you have issues posted them on here or on StackOverflow. I personally can’t guarantee I will have the time to assist you when you need it. If you post a question on here and find you aren’t getting an answer, you can ping me on twitter with a link and if I may or may not get to it depending on how busy I am.

Okay Thank you man :smiley: Keep up the good work!