Could not find included file 'Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-MyApp/Pods-MyApp.debug.xcconfig' in search paths

I am working on a new project and after initializing my Ionic project, running a successful build and viewing the boilerplate code in XCode’s Simulator with ease. However, I implemented a Facebook Login feature and now that I’m running ionic cordova build ios for a second time and I get the following error:

error: /Users/username/myProject/platforms/ios/cordova/…/pods-debug.xcconfig:2: could not find included file ‘Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-MyApp/Pods-MyApp.debug.xcconfig’ in search paths (in target ‘MyApp’ from project ‘MyApp’)
[ERROR] An error occurred while running subprocess cordova.

    cordova build ios --verbose exited with exit code 65.

After a cursory Google search, I saw someone recommend running pod install and after running that, I get another error: [!] No `Podfile’ found in the project directory.

I’m lost.

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