CORS madness

I’m starting to invest a lot of time in your product and don’t mind buying a subscription but I am interested in finding a solution to the CORS issue when coding and using “ionic serve”. I’ve setup the json project file as per a blog article but it doesn’t work, Thanks

CORS is a server side issue that should be fixed on the server side. The error messages are usually pretty specific what has to be done exactly.

Ionic CLI can also construct a local proxy that helps to work around the issue for local testing. But this won’t help for production release where the same problems can appear.

If you want to work with ionic serve in web. you can use CORS plugin for Chrome
or else also can use Ripple Emulator and enable proxy over in the settings.

  • Note that Ripple is still in beta.

I found that Safari also added “Disable Cross-Origin Restrictions” on the developer bar…