Core ML iOS or Tensorflow lite android

Any support for core ml in iOS ? (Or any other way applying machine learning models in apps)
Thank you!

The need to support ML for both Android and IOS is critical moving forward can Ionic please comment on their roadmap for this and an estimated timeline?

Ionic, as an official entity, doesn’t usually jump in on forum posts.

To get info of the kind you’re looking for, contact through git requests (or some other “official” channel) is your best bet.

If someone from a Ionic does respond on this post, cool. But if not, just wanted to give you a heads up.

I would think that, to a legit Ionic Dev, getting on an Ionic community forum is like a doctor practicing medicine in his or her free time.

Ionic support not good and lazy i think…there is no reply from ionic…tryto use angular code if you want to integrate tensorflow in ionic. save model in raw folder and go through angular code…instead of ionic use native language used in ionic like angular or react