$cordovaSocialSharing shareViaEmail

The other $cordovaSocialSharing methods work fine, but no matter how I invoke $cordovaSocialSharing.shareViaEmail, I can’t get it to actually open the email composer. At the end of the day, I’m trying to send an email with an image attachment, but I can’t even get shareViaEmail to work without the attachment.

As an aside, I’m pretty sure the ngCordova docs for shareViaEmail are incorrect. The comments and underlying SocialSharing plugin method accept three array params (TO, CC, and BCC), but the docs only include TO and BCC.

Can anyone verify a working version of shareViaEmail?

Here’s a few examples of how I’m trying to invoke shareViaEmail:

// without any image attachment
shareP = $cordovaSocialSharing.shareViaEmail(message, 'Check out this Pic!', [ ], [ ], [ ])

// trying to attach an image file
shareP = $cordovaSocialSharing.shareViaEmail(message, 'Check out this Pic!', null, null, null, imageFile)

// trying to attach an image data-uri
shareP = snAWS.convertImageToDataURI(imageFile)
  .then(function (data) {
    return $cordovaSocialSharing.shareViaEmail(message, 'Check out this Pic!', null, null, null, data)

Ping… maybe someone from the Ionic team @mhartington or @max?

Not sure if it’s directly related, but $cordovaSocialSharing.share() only seems to take in the subject and nothing else when selecting the Mail option. Also, it crashes occassionally (I was able to get the crash dialog but it’s no longer appearing, will share the info once I get it).

hi there
may i ask how you made cordovaSocialSharing works for Twitter, Facebook?