cordovaLocalNotification doesn't work on ios10

Hi folks,
I’m experimenting blocking issue with cordovaLocalNotification plugin only for ios10.

  • I’ve not updated my source code in prod.
  • localNotification is still working on android
  • on all ios devices updated to ios10, localNotification is not working anymore :frowning:

It seems that there is a github issue on the official plugin page :

But i’m scared to pull temporarly branch fix. Anybody has experimented this issue ?
It is killing 2 of my production app with a lot of clients impacted…

I’ve not found any other plugin to send local notification on ios.

Sample of source code that was working on ios9 and previous and that is still working on Android (but not anymore on ios10) :
title: ‘My local notif title’,
text: ‘my contentt’

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For your information, this issue is also tracked on the github katze plugin page.
here :

@lucbonnin Did you solve this issue on iOS 10?

I have same issue on iOS 10, I’m using version 0.8.4 but it doesn’t work.

not solved yet :frowning: